The Internet History of My 16 Year Old Sister









Averagely it was more common for her to spend at least half an hour a day browsing the Internet on a variety of webpages, although at some points it was common for her to spend longer with her biggest binge being that of seven hours and sixteen minutes of web time.


Web Timer – Tracking my online activity

The maps that tell tales that i have looked into previously over my course of study track the outside activity of individuals in a specific place. But with the introduction of technology and the progression of the 21st Century more and more people are spending time indoors. Change4Life is a company funded by the NHS with the purpose of encouraging families to make smart food swaps and replace sugary snacks that have high fat contents for fruit and vegetables. they also aim to get more families walking during their commute to work or school rather than using the quicker option of simply climbing into the car. (

Before the creation of the internet in the early 1990’s accessing data and information was much harder than it is during these modern times. It involved a trip down to the local library, and searching through archives and reference books to locate the required information. Now it’s so much simpler. All it takes is a quick log on to the internet through your computer and more recently your smartphone and you can find the answer you were looking for in less than a second. Whilst this natural progression of the human race is amazing and we can now keep in contact with friends and family all over the world with the help of free social networking sites, download music more effectively and stream live television all from the comfort of whatever device we’re using at the time, this has also had disastrous consequences on the lifestyles of younger generations who have grown up with this connection to the internet so readily available to them. The ‘Internet Addict’ is a phrase becoming more and more common in day to day life. I myself have friends who claim they couldn’t live without the internet. They are constantly checking their online social media sites or scrolling through youtube and can even read the news online, opting to do that instead of buying a newspaper from the corner shop two minutes down the road because it’s easier, faster and cheaper to simply download the BBC or SKY news app straight onto their mobile phones. Leading to another question is this the death of print, but i digress.

I downloaded an application onto my web browser to monitor the amount of time i spend on the internet and to see which are the most commonly visited websites used in my day to day activity. (Please bare in mind when viewing these results that the wordpress sites are for my university blogs as i am in the last stretch of my final year. I will post the results of my online activity at ten pm each day whilst i track how frequently i use the internet so try and keep the results as accurate as possible. Variables such as others using my laptop and my getting distracted and leaving the monitor switched on must be taken into account. But other than that i will aim to use my laptop exactly how i would should i not be timing myself and i will remember to only use Chrome as my browser. I have also asked my 16 year old sister to track her online performance as something to compare my results with.)