Idea’s and developments

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The above link is for the ideas and developments section of my Independant study.For the clean look i was after i felt that using the computer and the programme illustrator would be a lot more effective in terms of the overall look of the design. Garath Wood is an illustrative cartograher who recently mover to the city of Bristol. Since his move three years ago he has documented his time there on his beautiful and detailed map based on his walks around the city and the buildings and features which have held the most impact to him. Resulting in this incredibly detailed piece of work. Below, i roughly attempted to illustrate something similar with the area around the river in mind as opposed to the gargantuan task of the city as a whole. From this doodle i began to see the ramifications doing a task like this would entail and the complications. To incorporate the text into the design i would have to leave enough space amongst the drawings, of course it would be possible to pick out the key things that were observed from the walks, yet it wouldn’t be possible to do this for all of the comments and it was important to me not to pick and choose with what the participants had said. I didn’t want to be a filter and take out the bits that i felt were inappropriate or boring, i wanted it to be about their derive in the purest of forms, and so it was a clear decision for me to go with the computer and render the comments more effectively on illustrator as opposed to hand rendering or incorporating mixed media of both drawing and computer.

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