Worcester Participants Derive

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Hyperlinked above are the results from the psychogeographic trails i conducted with a variety of participants across the city of Worcester. I used an application called Map My Walk on my mobile phone to track the routes that each participants went on, and found to my dismay that there were certain bugs that need to be fixed within the app. When held stationary for a prolonged period of time the little route tracker doesn’t sit still with you and jumps all over the circumference of the map, making it, in some cases completely impossible¬†to decipher. This would have been an issue had i not accompanied my participants on the walks themselves. I was able to roughly work out the routes where the application had failed going by what information i had taken in on the day.

Each participant is to remain anonymous as this made each feel more at ease when telling me their individual memories and senses according to the Derive. I suppose this is much like photographer only on a much more personal level. Each were happy for me to use the information on my map, yet didn’t want to be named.

From these walks i concluded that the participants were, for the most part, keen to undertake walks they’d been on previously to avoid the risk of getting lost, even though i’d made clear at the start that they had an open ended destination and time frame and were free to wander about as the pleased.

I really enjoyed going on these walks, the participants were all of varying ages, genders, nationalities and with different occupations. The walks were interesting by way of the conversations that cropped up and were an insight into me, a person who was born without their sense of smell, just how bombarded the average person is with smells in their day to day activity when they start to focus on what is around them.