Lovers Lane

A Map of the World – Lovers Lane – pg.

Lovers Lane is a hand drawn conversational map which depicts the artists surrounding area and the track they used to travel on the way to their lovers house. The pink dotted line  shows the route she used to bike along regularly and the blue shows a variation on the route, showing that humans as a species are intrinsically designed to follow patterns and the familiar. Along the way the artist has added notes on the surrounding area, describing to the viewer who lives where and their relationship to her. There are also snippets as to her past and her comments on houses and how idyllic they appeal to her. The text is very simple, yet is becomes a part of the image since it is needed to describe her home town. I like the conversational style as i think it’s really interesting to look at, especially as the map is of a place which obviously means a lot to her. Even though there is no prior connection to this woman and we don’t know who she is, she still manages to draw us into the story of the map in much the same way as the maps that tell tales. I believe this is down to the hand drawn elements. With the map being imperfect like this, all of the unnecessary elements will have been omitted to save space and to make the main aspects a lot more clearer and able to stand out. Effort has been put into all of iconographic images as no two appear to be the same just copied over. If the artist had hand drawn these, scanned them into the computer and then edited them digitally i know that this would have been a much quicker process yet it would have left her with a very clinical appearance that wouldn’t have looked half as interesting. Lastly i think having an off colour background with white roads cutting through it works well in using the space. A purely white image wouldn’t have looked as personally and the interspacing of random colours adds something to her personality, instead of making her appear very clean and straight edged.


Instead of simply just saying ‘James Used To Live Here’ we are given a smaller insight into her life as she also adds the information ‘ Falafel Nights’. As for the distance of her hometown the only indication we are given as to the key is the time it takes for her to get from her own house to that of her lovers. Given that this is a map entitled Lovers Lane this feels very apt and actually inscribing a key onto this form of map, with it being geographically inaccurate would be a very difficult process that would really have no use as the map isn’t and would never be used to direct a person around the culdesac. The map is merely a canvas in which she has used as a format for the background. Her annotations give more of a vague impression in some area’s too as she merely states at one point ‘Laura lives some where on Ruskolme Dr.’ and the writing is never in a set linear pattern. It is often set upside down or to the side.


Shown here is the key which isn’t given any sort of privileges or side set apart specifically to make it stand out. It’s merely been slotted into the page wherever it will fit and stands out purely for the large area of white space and the title located within here. Along from the title is a tiny stickman bike rider who is the clearest indication, at a glance, that this was a route more commonly rode along than walked.


I think it would be quite interesting to contextualise a map of Worcester where i have lived at University for nearly three years, with that of Lovers Lane. The variety of people you meet at university are vastly different and are all spread throughout the city enabling many memories of these people and the houses you have visited to not be condensed into one specific area. Also the advantages to living in many different houses over the course of my time here gives a wider range of the stories i have gathered through the people i have lived with and the handful of things that have gone wrong with my homes through man made and natural means. I think having three years worth of information could become very confusing however, especially when put over one map and so i may even look into producing three different ones that can be overlain on top of one another yet would hold and exhibit the information more clearly as a whole.


This is another map gathered from the same book as Lovers Lane. Like the previous map there is again a very conversational style to the map which depicts the city of Sydney, Australia. Gives information that tourists would be more interested in such as giving advice on destinations like the Opera House, The Sydney Theatre, Walsh Bay and the Observatory. Information such as the distances between these locations are given and the place names are actually put into a much bolder typeface so they immediately jump out and are noticed first. There’s no colour given on the map, as it’s a basic monotone scheme which works well with the hand drawn qualities and the conversational tone.


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