The State Of The World Atlas


The State Of The World Atlas – Dan Smith. Penguin Books Publishing House

The display of the state of the world atlas is very colour orientated, and places a lot of focus on blocking the different categories of information so that it is easier to understand for the viewer. In a way the maps are more of a tool by the means of information graphics which is a useful tool for uncovering trends and similarities within the graphs. The maps are a visual survey of the political, economic and social trends of the 21st century and are an updated version by Dan Smith from the previous editions that were drawn up in 1981 by Kidron and Segal.


Visual survey political, economic and social trends of the 21st century.  Back cover. Age Survey – pg 24 + 25. Uses colour as an indicative device. Relevant information regarding the subject category is displayed down the left hand side or the bottom. Images clear, not over crammed with text. Forests- PG 100


The images are at the top of the hierarchy of composition with them being displayed at the centre of the double page spread. Easily making them stand out a lot more than if they were kept at the side. The text reiterates the information given in the graphic with more context so that the user gets more of an understanding between the image and the information it provides. Even though the text is not as prominent as the image however, the text is rendered with background colours that easily compliment the tones found on the rest of the page. This doesn’t quite draw the image and text into a singular thing as a whole, but it helps to keep everything uniform. 


The content covers a wide variety of bases from Sexual Freedom across the world where people have the right to be public about their sexuality, to the amount of forests that are left or have gone through deforestation and even the age of people who still find themselves economically active. I think looking at this wide display of data and having such a broad range within the book works well in attracting a much larger target audience and keeping peoples attention from cover to cover.



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