Essential Mapwork Skills

Essential Mapwork Skills – Simon Ross. Nelson Thornes Publishing House

Img’s pg 128. Gives the key to 1:25000 explorer map series.

Compass img – pg 9

I found it useful looking through this reference book to see how novice map readers are taught to read maps such as the Ordinance Survey and other traditional types. The key to the imagery is very simplistic so as not to over complicate or take up a lot of the room on the map itself, having them at such a small scale obvious eliminates the option to have them very detailed which leads way to the images being very iconographic.


The first lesson that these learners are greeted with are to measure distance on a linear scale (understanding the key and the time it will take to travel this distance)  and to be able to navigate North as the primary direction, given that most traditional maps will always be rendered with North as their main focal point.

This book is more focused on maps in the traditional sense, much like the ones i went to view through at the Map Shop in Upton Upon Severn. It was created as an introduction to maps and geographical photography. I think it’s important to see and learn how they work first in the traditional sense before moving on to look at other possibilities. Our first thoughts when asked what a map is, that it is a device used to get a traveller from one place to another. It is for this reason why i think the Information Graphics found in the State of The World Atlas are so effective as they completely twist what we already perceive to be the only method of mapmaking into something completely different yet still used as a useful tool.



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